About Us
The Journal, INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF INNOVATIONS IN DENTAL SCIENCES, will target the Dental Academicians and Clinicians and will provide them a platform to improve their knowledge and practice. This Journal will pave the way for Dentists throughout the world to share their clinical experiences and scientific knowledge. The subjects to be covered in this journal includes ALL THE BRANCHES OF DENTISTRY AND RELATED SUBJECTS. This Journal presents the comprehensive aspects of Dentistry, organized to coincide with topics of recent advancement and Research, as objective. It offers strong theory and concepts, as well as highly instructive clinical practice applications.

Intended readership of the Journal includes, Research scholars in Dentistry, Under graduates & Post Graduates students of Dentistry. This Journal will be made available online, throughout the world. This will attract the readers and authors to publish their works. Articles about interrelationships between oral and systemic health and advanced technologies and techniques such as oral, plastic and reconstructive surgery, and dental implant surgery are also welcomed in addition to the articles from other branches of Dentistry and other related fields.

As it targets the Academicians in the field of Dentistry (and related fields), it will be soon subscribed by the libraries of renowned Dental institutions. The journal will be peer-reviewed by double blind peer-review method. The articles submitted will be sent to the reviewers for their genuine opinion and feedback about the article. Reviews, case reports, original research, newsletters and different opinions and updates in the field of Dentistry are welcome for publication.